Systems Analysis Project: Outfit Oracle Phone Application

In groups of four we were tasked to outline a system for development. My group chose to create a smart phone application that would help organize people's closets, as well as create outfits utilizing an automated-outfit system, and real-life fashion consultants. The following PDF is the last presentation of our project. In this team, I acted as team leader, lead developer, and created the mock up for our User Interface. I also built our SQL database in SQL Server Management Studio and team website in Visual Studio using ASP.Net and MVC5.

Information Systems Project Management Project: GymMe Phone Application

A semester long project during which my group and I collaborated as a team to plan and design a mobile application to track the occupancy of the TTU Recreation Center, utilizing American Sensor Technologies (AST) products on the Rec doors, and an automated database system. My role in the team was to define our technical requirements, and editing our written proposals. During the semester we produced project proposals, project plans, earned value analysis, and the requirements document for the application using Microsoft Project and Word. The following link is our Project Proposal.