Dear Google,

Hello, my name is Bri Ollre and I want to work for you. I’m not sure if you’ve noticed the multiple applications for opening in your Dublin, Ireland offices that I’ve sent in over the last two years, but I really, really want to work for you. The only thing I want more is to live in Ireland.

My mom was born in Dublin, Ireland on January 28, 1963. Because of the economy, and the fact that my great grandfather got in a bit of trouble during the fight for Irish independence, my grandparents decided to immigrate to Canada in 1969. Since then, no one in my mother’s family has gone back to Ireland. I would like to right that wrong, and the best way for me to do that, is to get a job at your Google Headquarters in Dublin. As an employee I would bring a unique outlook to the Google way of life, through my creative, and technical prowess.

Why should you hire me?

I’m about to graduate from Texas Tech University on December 17, 2016 with a major in Management Information Systems and a minor in English. That means I’m a perfect candidate for pretty much any role you need filled! I’m good with computers and I know how to write. Isn’t that what every Forbes, Chronicle Vitae, Wall Street Journal article writes about—organizations needing people who are both Tech savvy, but also understand grammar?

My English minor has enabled me to be more empathetic, as well as enhanced my writing and critical thinking skills. There are some, my parents included, that thought my getting an English minor was foolish. I know they’re wrong, because I can learn all the different coding languages I want, but it’ll never mean more to me than the travel essays I wrote in my Travel Writing class. The lessons I learned, in communicating with readers and finding good ways to explain my thoughts/feelings, will help me in decision making.

What experience do I have?

In the past four years I’ve had two different jobs. The first was as a Finance Intern at AMOCO Federal Credit Union. My main responsibility at AMOCO was updating and automating financial reports utilizing Microsoft Excel macros, which I created. I also taught Microsoft Excel basics to my fellow employees. The second job was at Mahon Public Library as a Library aide. I worked the evening-to-close shift, and was responsible for cleaning and collecting loose materials around the library. At both of these organizations I enhanced my interpersonal skills, through interaction with members of the credit union and library.

I’m also a great teammate. In my time at Texas Tech I have worked on over 8 group projects. During my semester abroad in Rome, Italy, studying at John Cabot University, I also worked on three additional group projects with fellow students from various countries. I am adaptable to all sorts of environments. Language barriers don’t scare me. I have an elementary understanding of Spanish, and Italian. I’ll do anything to make communication more accessible to ensure the project is completed on time, and is done right. An example of one of the projects I’ve done, in the last year, can be found here. 

I’ve also had over three years of leadership experience. During high school, from my sophomore to senior year, I was Drum Major of the Clear Falls Knights Marching Band. I was also the ad-editor for the school yearbook and newspaper. In those three years I learned how to handle stressful situations (such as all-day marching competitions, or pep-rallies), deadlines, and crazy parents. Our band had over 150 students my senior year. I understand how people work, and the best ways to motivate them.  I’ve worked with every type of person imaginable, and to be honest, I’m good at it.

Not only am a good teammate, and leader, but I’m also a quick learner. If I don’t know something, I know exactly where to go to find out the information: Google. I’ve been Googling since I was eight years old. If I don’t know your organization well by now, I never will.

Everyone person I know talks about how impossible it is to work at Google. But, you do have employees, right? So, why not hire me? I’m ready to be thrown into the types of environments you foster at Google. I chose to get a minor in English because I needed to put my creativity to good use, and I know I can use all the skills I’ve learned at Texas Tech, and through my travels, at Google. So, why not give me a chance, eh? I won’t let you down.